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The Olympia United Soccer Club (OUSC) is a member club of the Thurston County Youth Soccer Association (TCYSA)Thurston County Youth Soccer Association is a member association of District 7District 7 is a member district of Washington Youth Soccer (WYS).

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Olympia United Soccer Club

 The Olympia United Soccer Club (OUSC) is a recreational soccer club dedicated to serving youth soccer in the greater Olympia area. The club exists for youth to learn, play, and have fun in soccer.

OUSC primarily serves youth players in the Olympia School District who attend the following schools:

Elementary Schools - Boston Harbor, Centennial, Garfield, Griffin, Hansen, Lincoln, L.P. Brown, Madison, McKenny, Pioneer and Roosevelt
Middle Schools - Griffin, Jefferson, Marshall, Reeves and Washington
High Schools - Capitol HS and Olympia HS

During the summer recreational season, OUSC play other teams from Thurston County Youth Soccer Association (TCYSA) teams. During the fall season, OUSC registers teams to play 11-a-side games within District 7, modified teams play within TCYSA, and a full supermod program that exists within OUSC. During the spring, players may register for OUSC's Super Mod program, U8-U14 play locally in TCYSA and Girls U15-U19 play within District 7. For the full descriptions of our playing seasons, go to 'Parents and Players' and then 'Playing Seasons' on the menu bar at left of this page.

The Olympia United Soccer Club is a volunteer organization and is always looking for people interested in being Board Members or Coaches. The mission of OUSC is to promote recreational soccer for the youth of Olympia by creating a learning atmosphere centered on self-esteem and skill-building while making friends and having fun.

Youth Soccer Structure in Washington State

Washington State Youth Soccer Association (WSYSA) governs most youth soccer in the state. WSYSA divides the state of Washington geographically into seven member districts. The umbrella district for OUSC is District 7.

The seven member districts within WSYSA govern anywhere from a few to several associations within their borders. In turn, these associations have under them anywhere from a few to several youth soccer clubs. These youth soccer clubs are typically either a recreational club, a select club or a premier club.

Here in Thurston County there is one soccer association Thurston County Youth Soccer Association (TCYSA).

TCYSA is the umbrella association for us, OUSC and Tumwater Soccer Club which are recreational youth soccer clubs. TCYSA is also the association for Blackhills Football Club (BHFC), a select youth soccer club.

TCYSA is the umbrella association for Chinqually Booters Soccer Club (the recreational youth soccer club serving Lacey), Olympia United Soccer Club, Tumwater Soccer Club, Prairie Soccer Club (which serves Yelm). TCYSA is also the association for Thurston County United Soccer Club (select club within Chinqually Booters Soccer Club) and Blackhills Football Club (a premier soccer club).


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