Roster Policy

Returning players are guaranteed their spaces back onto their teams provided they register and pay before the registration deadline given for that season.

• A returning player is defined as a player having registered and played for the team during the last season that the team played.

***** Commencing summer 2017, summer will now be considered a "stand alone" season.  The "returning player" rules will still apply to the formation of summer teams, however, summer rosters will no longer roll into the fall season.  Fall rosters will be created by referencing the previous spring season roster*****

• Only players returning to teams shall be placed onto rosters up and until the registration deadline.

• After the registration deadline designated for returning players has passed, openings on teams will be filled in the order in which players have registered.

• Rosters will be filled to the roster maximum unless there are not enough unassigned players registered as of the registration deadline.

• If a team has openings after all returning and unassigned players have been placed and rosters are set, coaches may add players to their rosters by contacting the club's manager.

• In the spirit of recreation soccer, a coach may not "save" or "promise" a space on their team to any player.

• If a player wishes to join a team, coaches should ask that player to register on the first day of registration and request their team for the best chance at filling an open roster spot. This is not a guarantee.

• Players are allowed to play "up" in age division by one year with approval from the coach. Players are not allowed to play "down".  Exceptions to this are only with permission of the TCYSA Director of Competition. The club has final say over all rosters.

• TCYSA rules allow for U8 - U11 rosters to be overloaded by one player. If a team wishes to add additional players, this may be done only with approval of the TCYSA Director of Competition.

U8 = 8 + 1,      U9 & U10 = 12 + 1,      U11 & U12 = 14 + 1,    U13 up = 18

• The club reserves the right to overload a roster when necessary to in order to get players onto teams.  
Rosters may be overloaded in spring and fall with permission from the TCYSA Director of Competition.

During spring and fall, only 18 players may suit up and play in any match.

All teams may be overloaded in summer, and all players may participate in all games during summer season.

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